What is Programming Language and Programmer?

Hello there in this post I'm gonna to talk about The Programming Language. As we know language is the medium for share our thought with each other same like this we need a language to talk with computers and give certain instruction to do such thing and that where programming language introduced to talk with computer.

Programming Language was discovered to reduce the time of calculation or such thing with accuracy. Now a days there are too many programming language was introduced and working in market to done extra ordinary performance.

There are 5 Major types of Programming language : -

  1. Procedural programming languages
  2. Functional programming languages
  3. Object-oriented programming languages
  4. Scripting languages
  5. Logic programming languages

Most Commonly used programming languages are as follow : -

  1. Python,
  2. Java,
  3. C/C++,
  4. C#,
  5. JavaScript,
  6. R,
  7. PHP,
  8. Go and
  9. Ruby etc.

Classification of Programming language with there profile : - 

There are mainly two or we can say that three types of profile that a programmer will hold that are as  follow.
  1. Front-End - Those developers who are developing application for the user that are known as Front-End Developer. Some examples of front-end programming languages include:
    1. HTML
    2. CSS
    3. JavaScript
    4. React
  2. Back-End - Those developers who are developing application for server side of that application are known as Back-End Developer. Some examples of back-end programming languages include:
    1. JavaScript
    2. PHP
    3. Java
    4. Python
    5. Ruby
    6. C#
  3. Full Stack - Those developers who have both skill (Front-End & Back-End) along with other technical skills and expertise, to work on any part of the development process are called Full Stack Developer.


Programming language are the medium to talk with computer which is used by programmer.

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