How to Earn Online by Blogging?

Hello and welcome to Here’re the methods for How to Earn Online through Blogging. Blogging is the easiest and No investment earning method online. A blog needs zero investment but some of your time and some of your knowledge and some of your skills. Blogs are the only easy method you can earn online. So in this post I will give you tips about how to earn online by blogging.

What’s a Blog?

A blog is a website containing information about a particular topic in which you can solve your doubts or get information about something. Almost information and doubts regarding each and every topic are available on internet on different blogs. Different types of bloggers are expert in different types of works and gives you knowledge about that particular work. Some bloggers are expert in giving information about technology and some about Programming and Many great companies start their own blog to solve the issues of their customers and to keep their customers happy. You can start blog too. Here’s the example of a blog of a company Named Xiaomi Redmi.

How to Start a Blog?

To start your own blog please refer to our previous post –

How to Start Your own Blog

Methods of Earning?

You can earn through a blog from various types , Below is a list of some of the ways you can start earning through blog.

  • Through Advertising
  • By Affiliate Marketing’
  • Through Reselling
  • From a Huge Traffic
  • By sponsors

Earn Through Advertising –

Here’s the first method how to earn online by blogging , By Advertising. You can earn on your blog by advertising on your site. If you have good content and traffic then you can earn a huge amount through your website. Advertising on your blog helps you to earn huge because the advertisers want the visitors of your blog or website to go to their company’s website which attracts the users to buy their products and services and this helps the advertisers to grow their businesses. So advertising plays a great role in getting a good income for you. Ad networks like AdSterra , Google AdSense , Facebook Audience Network , Propeller Ads and many more ad networks.

By Affiliate Marketing and Reselling :-

If your blog had a good number of audience and you want to earn high then affiliate marketing is also a good choice for you. Affiliate Marketing refers to the reselling of the products of big e commerce companies through your website. Or Affiliate Marketing can also be defined as the reseller marketing. You get high commission from the companies for selling their products on your website. You can do affiliate marketing for Domains, Web Hosting services like BigRock, GoDaddy and many more. affiliate marketing is best suitable for e-commerce products , E-commerce websites Like Amazon , Flipkart, Snapdeal and Many more offers a huge profit for every product of theirs you sell on your website or Blog.

By Sponsors and Traffic :-

You can too earn a huge money from the traffic of your website. If your website’s or Blog’s Traffic is high then you can get sponsors for your website which will pay you for Sponsoring their content or product. Sponsors helps content creators a lot by giving them a more way of easy earning money.

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