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Hello and Welcome to . Today i will tell you guys How to Start Your Own Blog in Less than 5 Minutes. Have you ever noticed whenever you search on web about methods to earn online, You get so many suggestions about starting a Blog. So In this post we will discuss about Blog and how you can earn with your blog.

What is a Blog?

Most of the people from you all know What a Blog Is but some people don’t know so here is a simple explanation about what a blog is. Blog is a type of website giving you a kind of information. On Blogs, Web Authors write so many posts to give you information on any of your query related topic. Blog websites helps students by providing them Educational Stuff, Business Men by providing them Business and Marketing Tips, Businesses to Grow Online , Geeks by Providing them Technology and Information , People by providing them Daily News.

Types of Blog you can create :-

You can create many types of blogs such as Educational Blog, Tech information Blog, If you are active on social media then a Social Blog, If you can do then a News app is the recommended Blog from our side. You can also create blogs like Programming Information, Travel Blog [ Giving users the information about great tourism places and their specialists ].

How to Create Your Own Blog?

You can Start your own blog through many types of Blogging Services such as Joomla , WordPress, By Google , and many other platforms but these three are the best i would suggest. Here is a List Below of Top 9 Blogging Websites . You can visit these websites from the URL given in the Website URL section of the table. Give them a Try but as a Blogger , I would suggest you to use Blogger , Joomla , Or WordPress.

Blog Site                                 Website URL

WordPress                          WordPress

Blogger                               Blogger

Joomla                            Joomla

Wix                                      Wix

Weebly                           Weebly

Medium                          Medium

Ghost                            Ghost

Tumblr                           Tumblr

Jimdo                           Jimdo

Will my Blog appear in Search Engines Like Google?

Yes, Of Course! Your Blog will be visible to all search engines. And if you want your blog to appear on the top of every search engine, You make sure you are writing your own content and not copy from other blogs or websites. Also to make Sure that Your blog should be on top every search engine , You also a Powerful SEO tool and submit your website on Google Webmaster Tool and Bing Webmaster.

SEO engines make your Blog more visible on search engines like Google and Bing web browsers. To Know more About SEO and How to grow your Blog , You can see our another post Related to SEO and improvements in Blog.

Can we Earn with our Blog?

So, Here’s the most asked question of all time – Can we earn with our Blog?. Yes, of Course! you can earn with your Blog by placing aads on it, By affiliate marketing and By sponsor ads. You can even earn a very huge amount from your blog. To Know more about Earning through Blog, See our latest post ” Earn with Blog” .

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